About Us

Our mission is to generate freedom from tedious to-do’s.

Tampa Taskers was founded in 2020 on the principle that time is invaluable, our most precious non-renewable resource. This has translated to providing a convenient, personable and elite concierge service. Our focus is to move clients towards a more peaceful and rewarding life through the simple act of delegation.

We provide a wide range of personalized services to simplify the outsourcing process for our clients. With limited time, we know how important a one-stop-shop service of this kind is.

Tampa Taskers is an unmatched experience, the best Tampa has to offer!

Taskers are fully screened, experienced and trustworthy individuals. Our team stands out as passionate and professional and our standards are excellence.  

Meet Libby Cordova

Founder of Tampa Taskers

Libby is an active, residing member of the South Tampa community. She is a proud alumni of USF, where she earned a Bachelors degree in Business Management.

Aside from God and family, an organized lifestyle has always been her highest priority. She has rigorous attention to detail and a natural gift of creating and nurturing a functional household.